Avakx LTD

Quality, experience and a high level of professionalism are the hallmarks that distinguish us in the meat trade.

AVAKX PC is active in the wholesale trade of meat, by-products and raw materials for sausage making, being one of the most recognized trading companies both in the domestic and international markets. Our insistence on quality combined with consistency and professionalism have powerfully established our position in the field. Thus, today we are among the healthiest and continuously growing businesses in Greece, offering frozen products of top quality.
The company was founded in 2007 making a dynamic entry into the field of exports with the main activity being the sale of frozen meat and by-products. From then until today, it has managed to continuously expand its sales network in countries of Europe – Balkans – Asia.
The main characteristics of the company are the careful selection of suppliers through specific evaluation actions, trading of the highest quality products, the customer-centric approach we present and the consistency with which we approach every deal.